DaoliNet for Efficient and Dynamic Docker Networking

DaoliNet is a Software Defined Networking (SDN) system that is designed to provide efficient and dynamic connection for Docker containers, which is suitable for the lightweight and ephemeral nature of micro-servicing workloads of Docker containers.

Top-Level Features

  • Resource efficient: Connection of containers consumes little host resource when the containers are not in active communication, but can instantly switch to providing full connection capacity. This is in the same fashion of containers efficient utilization of host CPU resource. You get more out of your server resource.

  • Distribution anywhere: Docker servers can be laptops or PCs inside the firewalls of your office or home, servers in your own datacenter, or virtual machines in public clouds such as AWS.

  • Network virtualization: You can choose any CIDR IP addresses for your containers, and a container can keep IP address unchanged after moving physical locations.

  • Pure software implementation using Open-V-Switch (OVS): Providing network functions as distributed switches, routers, gateways and firewalls. System deployment in a plug-n-play simplicity.